These basketball players went down in history for their hard work and amazing skills.

The difference between pro basketball and college basketball is exactly like the difference between working a real job and going to college. That would be an overstatement.  I’m tempted to try since it would make the introduction to this column way easier.

On the other hand, I do believe they have a few things in common, and these things are crucial. I feel that the college experience clarifies how important life feels, meaning the emotional memories are more important than the technical facts. So, without further ado, here are the greatest college basketball players of all time.

Alfredrick Hughes (Loyola University, 1981-1985): There won’t be another Alfredrick Hughes, which is kind of like saying there will never be another Michael Jordan.

David Rivers (Notre Dame, 1984-1988): Ultra-fast and completely unpredictable, Rivers was a point guard from a video game, a video game from the 1980s when nobody cared how realistic they were.

Gerry McNamara (Syracuse, 2002-2006): There have been numerous players better than Gerry McNamara. But how many have ever played better than McNamara during the best game of his life?

Stacey Augmon (UNLV, 1987-1991): Nobody ever intimidated the passing lanes like Augmon. Is it possible to be aggressive and laid-back at the same time? That was Augmon’s natural state of being.

Daren Queenan (Lehigh, 1984-1988): Queenan used to say, “My body is my briefcase.” This meant he took his body to work. A 6-foot-4 small forward, his time at Lehigh ended with 2,703 points and 1,013 rebounds. He eventually won the CBA slam dunk contest and became a naturalized citizen of Belgium. If there’s ever a dunk contest in Bruges, I would still put my bones on this dude.

Danny Ferry (Duke, 1985-1989): He was at least as good at basketball as Mark Zuckerberg is at Facebook.