These basketball players made history.

Reggie Williams (Virginia Military Institute, 2004-2007): He was the 3rd most famous athlete ever named “Reggie Williams” who played for a team that never went .500 on the year. Though, he scored a metric ton (a 22.8 average over the course of 112 games), leading the nation in his 3rd and 4th year of college.

Scott Skiles (Michigan State, 1982-1986): “You know, there is no way I would have Scott Skiles on this team,” Bob Knight stated to his Hoosier roster in 1986. “But Skiles is tougher than every single one of you.” Scotty was arrested three times during college (once for cocaine possession, once for DUI, and once for weed).

He was a problem, but mostly for folks who tried to guard him and failed. It almost seemed like he robbed opponents. His pro career was statistically relevant (he had 30 assists in one night for the Magic, which is still a record), but it’s his serious-partying college days that matter more.

Michael Graham (Georgetown, 1983-1984): The face of Hoya intimidation.

Fennis Dembo (Wyoming, 1984-1988): No doubt the only Wyoming cager who’ll ever be on the cover of Sports Illustrated, he most likely would have been recruited by Kentucky had his name been Dennis Fembo.

Eric “Sleepy” Floyd (Georgetown, 1978-1982): When thinking back to the 1982 NCAA title game, folks tend to mention two things: Michael Jordan’s clutch jump shot from the left-wing and James Worthy intercepting a miscalculated pass from Hoya point guard Fred Brown. Yet if Brown doesn’t turn it over, Jordan’s jumper could be a footnote. Everyone watching that game expected Mr. Narcolepsy to score on that final possession. Never, ever sleep on the Sleepy.

Walt Hazzard (UCLA, 1962-1964): Represented the class of his school’s basketball program without drawing undue attention to himself.