Jim Boheim led Sarycruse Orange to victory several times throughout his career.

When Syracuse Orange basketball is talked about, Jim Boeheim’s name isn’t far behind. That is what happens when you have been the head coach for over 30 years with the same team.

The fact that Coach Boeheim can recruit players to move to snowy, cold Syracuse to play basketball for four years should be reason enough to make him college basketball’s best coach, but here are a few more reasons why.

Boeheim Has Won a National Championship

Many feared Boeheim would be one of those coaches who would have an amazing record but would never win the big kahuna. Thanks to Gerry McNamara, Carmelo Anthony, and Hakim Warrick, he was able to shut them down in 2003.

This was Boeheim’s 3rd appearance in the National Championship Game, and with a last-second miss by Kansas, Syracuse was able to get the trophy.

Postseason Success

Though he has won just one National Championship, Jim Boeheim has had an incredible amount of success in NCAA and conference tournaments. He has won five Big East tournament titles.

Also, Boeheim has been successful in the NCAA tournament, compiling a 44-26 record over his 34-year career. He has six Final Four appearances for his career.

He also has won gold medals with the Men’s National Team, winning the gold in the 2008 Olympics and the 2010 FIBA World Championship.

2-3 Zone Defense

It is no secret that teams who play the Syracuse Orange understand they will be playing a 2-3 zone defense and will most likely have difficulty offensively.

The fact that Coach Boeheim has had much success with a very simplistic defense shows the sort of teacher he is. The 2-3 zone sparks the Orange’s fast-break offense and before opposing coaches realize it, they are playing Coach Boeheim’s game.

These are the reasons Jim Boeheim is the best coach in college basketball.